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Grand Prix Tissot de Portugal

Tony Arbolino was one of eleven drivers involved in the crash in the rain, at the same corner, in the first laps of a chaotic Grand Prix of Portugal, but the important thing is that the driver is okay!

The Moto2 race started in the dry at the Algarve International Circuit, but at the start of the race it immediately began to rain, making it extremely difficult for riders riding on slick tires.

The rain then gradually intensified until the first riders of the race, including Tony, entered turn two on lap nine. There eleven riders crashed due to the rain, including Tony Arbolino who was once again fighting for the podium.

Unfortunately, the young Italian was unable to get his bike back to the pit lane within five minutes of the red flag, meaning he was ineligible to re-align on the grid for the seven-lap race.

The young Italian, however, fought for the top positions from the very first laps, thanks to a great start from fourth place on the grid.

Tony was in fifth place, a short distance from the fight for the lead, which included Aron Canet, Cameron Beaubier and Ai Ogura, before crashing out on lap nine.

We return home certainly a little disappointed, but aware of the great work done even during this weekend and that conditions vary, but the class remains!!!

"It was a strange and dangerous situation. It was raining from the first lap. We saw it on the screen, but the first driver was pushing and it was a great race. I was hoping it would stop raining, but it just kept falling.... However, I knew it would be dangerous at some point with more water on the asphalt. In the end it was. It was a really dangerous incident. It was possible that some riders had a worse result today. But we are all safe and, honestly, this is the most important thing. We have to understand what happened in this situation. For me after two or three laps you could see that it was raining and it was better to wave the red flag right away than to finish like this. The thing that we take home is that we were in the first group and we were doing well, so we have to continue to work in this way."