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ROUND 14 - OCTO Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini


Also this weekend the Italian Rookie brings home points, after a great comeback in the exciting home Grand Prix. 🇮🇹

Local hero Tony Arbolino, who started from 22nd on the grid, didn't have the best starting position to tackle the 25-lap race atMisano World Circuit. The start was also difficult, however, our Italian proved once again what he is capable of. With the fastest lap times of his group, Tony was able torecover up to the 15th place in the ranking, almost touching the 14th!

With a point in his pocket and the knowledge that the upward trend in Aragon was not aone-off, El Tiburón, who still occupies 14th place in the World Championship, will soon be off to America. 🇺🇸

In just two weeks, in fact, the Motomondialewill fly to Austin/Texas, to race on the Circuit of the Americas from October 1 to 3, where the Shark wants to take the next opportunity to score as many points as possible!
The stated goal is one: to fight for a better starting position in qualifying and really play it on Sunday!

Tony Arbolino


🏆Moto2 World Championship 2021 - P18 - 33 Points

🎙 Tony: "Well, it wasn't an easy race for us and in general it's not an easy period, but we are constantly trying to find the best setup and feeling possible. Surprisingly, I was stronger on the last lap than before or at the beginning of the race. This means that we have to analyze everything very precisely. No matter what, we will continue to work hard and believe we can do it. I am confident that we can still make good progress in the last part of the season. I will again prepare 100% together with my team to have a better race in Aragon. Anyway, we will keep our positive mentality and try to understand why we are where we are, why certain things happen and what I personally need to do to improve, it's still a difficult time for all of us, but let's see what the next race will bring."


Jürgen Lingg:

Team manager

🎙Jürgen Lingg:"I'm pleased that Tony made it to the points zone after recovering many positions from the start. He finished with a solid result despite having some heated clashes with Di Giannantonio. I see a clear upward trend from last week and we need to build on that now, stay calm and keep working because I think it's possible to get further ahead. The potential is definitely there."

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