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Tony Arbolino this Sunday, as well as the entire German weekend, struggled to the end to still bring home important points.

A crowd of 95,214 spectators packed the Sachsenring today for the German Grand Prix, the tenth race of the year. Like Saturday, Tony Arbolino faced incredibly high temperatures of 35 degrees for the 28-lap Moto2 race.

From seventh place on the grid, the young Italian had a good start, but was pushed wide at the first corner, thus finding himself having to make up ground. The 21-year-old then found his rhythm, but had to struggle with the bad feeling of the front end due to the high temperatures and with some problems to be solved, but on which he tries to turn himself around to be able to make a difference.

In any case, the good six points gained today see Tony maintain fifth place in the World Championship with 95 points, 38 off the leader.

🎙️Tony: "It wasn't an easy race ... I was pushed out in the first corner so I couldn't find a good line. That was the first thing. The race pace wasn't that bad and I wasn't far from the lead group. But honestly I was struggling a lot with the front of the bike. I feel good physically, mentally good. I'm just trying to find the limit on the bike and solve some of the problems we have for the next races!!!" the idea of taking your company out into the world. Everyone would really like to know more. Give them an in-depth view and let them feel your journey. Include the excitement and show the passion you have for the great work you are doing.