We only have this planet

The reason why I race is simple and yet so complicated

I race for a sustainable planet,
We need to be sure that future generations will able to breathe CLEAN AIR, EAT HEALTHY FOOD, and most of that the concept of POLLUTION and GLOBAL WARMING will not be a threat for them.

I want to be able to connect sustainable projects with sport

We can build awareness together.

The more we talk about it, the more we can do. That's why I want to dedicate each race to a project, a sustainable project...
And since no project is too small, everybody can submit a project in which they believe in and I would be happy to race for it.

Are you passionate about a special project?

Submit your project here

And I know my bike is not an alternative transportation vehicle

We can not forget that throughout history, humans made many mistakes
Human evolution has a sort of price tag attached.

If we think about it no kind of sport could be considered unrelated to the activity of pollution: when they build the equipment or tools to compete, the production is not healthy for our planet.

What is important is our attitude. and what we decide to communicate, because we have to be the role models.

We must build awareness so industries can adapt their operations, and together with billions of people, we can save the planet together.  


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