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tony arbolino mugello

An entire weekend as a protagonist: since Friday morning always there in front to show his potential, which could only end today with an excellent result thanks to which we move directly into tenth position in the overall standings of the World Championship! 

 Even today Tony started with a bang: an incredible start 🚥 made him jump from the second row of the grid to the third place in the standings! After a first part of the race in the leading positions, the drop of the front tire prevented us from maintaining the pace and the high rhythm of the leading group and made us lose positions. The more laps went by, the more our Tony struggled to maintain and defend the good position and he was also very clever to save the bike in several points of the track. The continuous deterioration of the tire made the bike and the braking very difficult to manage. But all this is always a great experience that we take home and, aware of the problems and especially of the great potential that we have in front of us, we will certainly try again in Barcelona working on the difficulties found today!  

After a very positive weekend in his home GP, with the best placement of the season on the grid (P6), our Italian rookie crosses the finish line in seventh place, managing to work his way up to the top 10 of the Moto2 World Championship standings.

We leave Mugello therefore satisfied, but also with a great sorrow in our hearts because Jason unfortunately didn't make it.

We would like to take this opportunity to close with a warm farewell to the young Swiss, as well as to offer our deepest condolences to Dupasquier's family, friends, team and loved ones.

Tony Arbolino

🏁 GP d'Italia -

P7🏆Moto2 World Championship 2021 - P10 - 27 Punti

🎙 Tony: "It's hard to describe the race now.... However, I felt very good all weekend and it seems we are working in the right direction. However, we need to fix the problems we are facing during the race. It was pretty bad in some laps, but we will keep going, learning more and more and believing in ourselves. I will analyze my data more intensely to understand what happened on the bike, but I am sure we will make more progress soon. I will give everything to arrive in Barcelona at 100%, in the perfect condition." 

"Of course, at this difficult time, I would like to express my sincere condolences and support to the family of Jason Dupasquier. He was a really nice guy and will be greatly missed. I will remember him and his family in my prayers tonight. Hi Jason, I ran for you today!"

Team manager

Team manager

🎙Jürgen Lingg: "Today's Sunday gave us a great team result, so we can be really happy and we have to build from that. It was already evident during the weekend that we had made small steps forward and we finally implemented them in the race. I really liked Tony's initial start, while he seemed to have difficulties after a few laps. Now we have to analyze everything carefully to understand what we can do better, in order to make him push harder in the race. The team is doing a great job anyway, so we need to keep it up and then I think we can get results like that more often." 

"What happened with Jason Dupasquier is hard to put into words. I hope everyone involved, but especially his family, has the strength to live with this loss. I am deeply sorry. I have no words and it is incredibly difficult to give consolation at this difficult time."


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