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...what can I say: SIMPLY TONY! 🔥

 Con 13 punti in tasca, non solo ha fatto un enorme salto nelle prestazioni, ma anche nella classifica del campionato del mondo, posizionandosi al 14° posto!  Il grand prix de france è stata una gara impegnativa. Dal 19 posto una rimonta fino in cima.

We knew this moment would come, we just needed to be patient and trustful, and wait for the right conditions that would allow our Shark to express all he has to give. And we know he still has a lot to give. And we know that it still has a lot to give! After crossing the finish line fourth, as a culmination of a phenomenal race, we leave Le Mans with 18 points in the bag... In a bag certainly ready to be filled!


Today's French Grand Prix also required calm, especially due to the constantly changing weather conditions.

After the morning's heavy rain, it looked like everything would be dry again for the Moto2 race. However, as the riders waited for the lights to go out on the grid, a cloud passed over the Bugatti circuit, threatening it with light raindrops.

Tony took the opportunity and turned these unfavorable conditions to his advantage, pushing all the way and right from the start, while other drivers were more cautious.

On Saturday, our Rookie had already proved to have made a great step forward together with his Team and today he gave us the confirmation. From 19th place, the ambitious Tiburón reached the front group in the blink of an eye and thanks to his enormously fast lap times, he fought there with Remy Gardner and Bo Bendsneyder for the third place on the podium! 

In the end, he crossed the finish line in a very happy fourth place, right at the foot of the podium. 

 With 13 points in his pocket, he not only made a huge jump in performance, but also in the World Championship standings, placing 14th! Great job Champ, more and more!

Tony Arbolino

🏁 P4

🏆Moto2 World Championship 2021: P14 - 18 points

🎙 Tony: "It was a crazy race and I couldn't believe it when I crossed the finish line, passing under the checkered flag in fourth place. I was just super happy! ...Happy with the work, the confidence, and to see that we don't have much left in the tank. Let's take home and keep with us the positive conclusions we came to during this weekend and we'll try to continue to improve the little things we're unfortunately still struggling with. At one
point in the race, there was a light rain and the other drivers were much more careful, so I thought that was my time to push
And so I did! I'm also very pleased that I was able to keep up with the pace of the front runners and set very fast lap times throughout the race. We will continue to work and believe that by continuing on this path we will get closer and closer to the top guys. Let's do it!"

Team manager

Team manager

🎙Jürgen Lingg:"I was hoping that we could have a good race, despite the difficult conditions. The track dried slowly and gave only little grip, so the first strategy was to finish the race. In the end, the driver has to decide in the race how much risk he can take and I was hoping for good results, because I know we have smart and fast drivers.
Tony was outstanding! At times, he lapped in better times than the front runners and battled confidently behind the top trio. This was actually the biggest surprise for me, even though I already knew how fast he was. Fourth place is a really good result for us and we can build from that. However, we have a lot of work ahead of us because it's not going to get any easier, but today's race gives us extra motivation and more confidence in ourselves."

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