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After one year of absence from the calendar, we are back in Texas, the land of desert, oil, duels, guns... and the Italian Shark is super ready to fight on the Circuit of the Americas, in the United States, for the fourth last race of the season!

 The MotoGP is coming back to America, that's right! After the Health Emergency, Austin is finally ready to reopen its doors to welcome the protagonists of the series.

The excitement of returning to the 5.5 kilometer Texas circuit is therefore great, especially for Tony, because Austin remains one of the tracks with the status of a favorite! So we're ready and eager to get our wheels on the track, especially to be able to savor the beautiful uphill pass at the end of the starting straight, with its subsequent sharp left turn, which offers fun and goosebumps!!!

The 21-year-old is extremely excited to go full throttle with his Moto2 Kalex on one of the most spectacular tracks in the world and try to build on the progress of the last two race weekends, at Aragon and Misano.

Tony Arbolino

Moto2 World Championship 2021 – P14 – 41 Points

🎙Tony: "Austin is one of the most beautiful tracks in the world. It's always amazing for me to race there. I absolutely enjoy myself and I love this track a lot. I'm looking forward to doing my first laps with Moto2 there, especially because we've hit a good level in the last two races, we've always had a good race pace, but we lost a little bit of lap time. We are working on it and I am sure we will find a solution. I'm pretty confident that we can have another good pace in Austin, despite it being a challenging track to ride. Obviously it's not going to happen in the first moto, because we have to figure out some points at the beginning and because it's going to be very different than Moto3, but I'm ready to work hard to get a good result!"



The track, 5,513 meters long, is characterized by numerous curves, 20 of them, some of them reproduced by Tilke, its designer, from iconic features of other circuits.

According to data provided by Brembo, Austin is a track with an average commitment for the brakes: about 30% of the lap time is spent in braking. The main characteristic of the Texan track, which alternates tortuous stretches with others of greater flow, is given by its manyups and downs, but above all by the41 meters of difference in height between the lowest and highest point of the circuit. Decisive, therefore, are the braking sections, with three particularly violent braking sections. Let's see them.

The most demanding braking is atturn 12, at the end of the longest straight on the track: the MotoGP bike reaches a speed of 339 km/h and comes out at 66 km/h, after 317 meters of braking distance and 6"2 of braking action.
Another key braking point isturn 1, the first after the start-finish straight, which is very demanding because it is uphill: you reach 302 km/h and then take the hairpin at 63 km/h after a maximum deceleration of 1.5 Gs.
This is also a point for fairing and duels, where the risk of losing the line is very high.
The third crucial point isturn 11, where the speed differential is 195 km/h and a maximum load of 5.2 kg is exerted on the lever.

Not making mistakes in braking therefore becomes imperative for the riders and we can't wait to follow them starting tomorrow!

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