Already on Friday we knew that it would be a difficult weekend and all uphill. Unlike our team, in fact, all the other drivers had just completed two full days of Official Test here in Montmelò, and we were therefore aware of the great gap that we had to close in such a short time. However, our tiburon certainly didn't let himself get discouraged: he rolled up his sleeves and even managed to win the direct passage to Q2!

🚦Starting from the 14th box on the grid, Tony once again showed his fierce bite from the start to the first part of the race, winning a place in the top 10 right away! However, over the course of the race, the Shark then lost ground. He slipped to 11th position and managed to keep the lead until he was overtaken by one of his rivals who made him go wide, thus forcing him to move back a few positions.

The race in Barcelona thus ends with a thirteenth place and so more important points!

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