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After two years, the MotoGP engines will be roaring again in Silverstone - England, and our Tony is looking forward to the British Grand Prix weekend!

The month of August is coming to an end, but before September there is another appointment for the MotoGP!

After Great Britain was unable to host the Moto GP in 2020 due to the Coronavirus emergency, this year the historic event is back on the calendar regularly.

The last time the island hosted a Grand Prix weekend, in fact, was in 2019. Of that year, we and our determined Italian also bring great memories and emotions from England, as it was there that we celebrated oursecond place on the podium, after starting the race from pole position. πŸ…

With all sorts of motivation in his bag, the roaring Rookie travels to his twelfth Moto2 race and will do everything he can to get closer to his rivals and score important points. It's still all open!!! πŸ”₯


Moto2 World Championship 2021 - P16 - 33 Points

πŸŽ™Tony:"I've been following my training program these past two weeks to keep my motivation up and be ready for Silverstone, a track I really like. We have to keep our focus and try to be fast from the start in FP1 in order to be competitive. Personally, I think Silverstone is one of the most beautiful tracks, because there are a lot of fun corners, especially in sector one. We have to enjoy it, be 100% and really work closely with the team to get the best possible result."


It was 1947 when the track between the villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury, in Northamptonshire, England, was officially inaugurated.

A structure created from one of the many former military airports of the Royal Air Force in the area. This one in particular was used from 1943 to 1946, before being abandoned and later requalified, giving shape to a circuit.

It should be noted that over the years have been carried out several major works including modernization, resurfacing, changes in length and layout in general. Up to the current version of5891 meters, with 10 right turns and 8 left, plus a main straight of 770 meters.


The new Silverstone is afast circuit, which maintains the characteristic of wide bends, especially Magotts, Becketts and Chapel, but also with challenging braking sections such as the chicane at turns 8 and 9 and those at turns 13 and 14.

The track, with its wide-radius, medium-speed curves, puts the tires under stress not so much for the braking, in fact, but for the continuous alternating orientation of the curves.

In particular, the front tyre must be very precise and stable to allow the right entry into the curve and the rear must guarantee frequent acceleration. The search for rear grip will therefore be crucial during the race weekend.

Particular attention must be paid to the weather and track conditions.

On the English track, in fact, temperatures are expected to be higher than usual, which could cause excessive sliding of the bikes that could degenerate into overheating and, therefore, blistering. This phenomenon does not depend so much on the structure of the tire, but on the aggressiveness of the rider and on the high temperatures, as well as on setup problems.

Contrary to popular belief, blistering does not directly affect performance, but indirectly, since it leads to greater wear of the tire and a faster decline in its performance. Fortunately, it is a phenomenon that to a certain extent can be kept at bay by "softening" the driving style.

Drivers, therefore, will need to find the right pace and gentleness in their race driving, to ensure tire life in what could become a tactical rather than an attacking race.


The race will be broadcast live onSky Sport(channel 208), in live streaming onDAZN andNow TV, whileTV8will broadcast the Silverstone Grand Prix in deferred, key 8 of the remote control.
Our Facebook and Instragram pages"Tony Arbolino LIVE Page", on the other hand, will offer you the LIVE DIRECT text of all the sessions and the race, with real-time updates to not miss a single moment of the season opener.

⚠Remember that due to the time zone, the format will be delayed by one hour! Keep an eye on the schedule:

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