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Tony Arbolino TT circuit

It's back to racing in Assen, the "Cathedral" of speed and scene of some of the most epic races in the history of racing. A track loved by the drivers, it was deserted in 2020 due to the Covid-19 emergency, but this weekend the prototypes will be back roaring on the legendary TT Circuit!

Here we are at the second consecutive weekend of racing, before the summer break.

After two years, finally, the "Cathedral" returns for the ninth round of the 2021 season. The TT Circuit in Assen is considered the foundation of the current MotoGP calendar, as, until 2019, it was the only circuit not to have missed a single MotoGP round since the World Championship series was introduced in 1949. Unfortunately, restrictions and pandemic stopped it in 2020, but this year the 4.5-kilometer circuit is back in action and with it some fans will fill the grandstands with life once again!

The Shark this weekend wants to finally break the spell that compromises a good qualification and do everything possible to get to the summer break with another sense of accomplishment.

The Italian is well aware of his talent and potential, but also of the fact that the road, in what is probably the most contested category of the World Championship, can be bumpy at times. However, the twenty-year-old has shown many times this season that when the opportunity presents itself and the feeling is at least fairly in order, there is no stopping him and he can take on even the fastest and most experienced competitors. In Assen, he will continue his work and launch a new Shark Attack, after his 16th place in Germany.


  Moto2 World Championship 2021 - P13 - 30 points

 πŸŽ™Tony: "My goal is to finish the first half of the season in the best way possible. Right now, I'm constantly thinking about how and what I can improve, how we need to move forward and at our best as a team. We have to have full confidence in each other and always try to give our best. My goal is to get a great result in Assen and I'm sure I'll have the chance to do it, I just have to achieve it, believe in myself and always work hard with the team. We will keep our attention and concentration very high in order to achieve everything we are working for".

tt circuit

 The circuit of the Dutch GP, according to Brembo data, is not very demanding on the brakes (only 31% of braking time). The fast curves, in fact, generally result in braking that is not very demanding, with the fast sections allowing excellent cooling of the braking systems. Three key braking points are at turns 1, 9 and 16.

The track, however, remains very challenging in terms of technique, and is defined in fact, the University of the motorcycle for its selectivity: narrow and winding, it is a technical circuit, spectacular and quite driven, with many changes of direction and a single stretch, the straight of 500 meters.

Born as a 28 km course on roads open to the public, which earned it the initials TT (Tourist Trophy), in homage to the one on the Isle of Man and until 2015 the scene of the race on Saturday (in deference to the Calvinist religion that imposes Sunday rest), today Assen is a track of 4542 meters, with the weather being much more of a variable.

The track has 18 curves, 6 on the left and 12 on the right. It is the classic motorcycle circuit made of curves and counter curves and few straights. The longest is 487 meters. The possibilities of overtaking are found in turn 1 and turn 3, then after the hairpin of turn 5, new stretch towards the fast chicane of turns 6 and 7. Last chance with the final chicane, always the scene of great overtaking, which leads to the finishing straight. πŸ”₯



The event will be broadcast live on SkySport (channel 208), in live streaming on DAZN and Now TV, while TV8will onlybroadcast indeferred.
Our Facebook and Instragram pages "Tony Arbolino LIVE Page", instead, will propose you the LIVE text DIRECT of all the sessions and the race, with real time updates to not miss a single moment of the season debut.
tony arbolino assen

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