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Doha Losail International Circuit

"Well, it's not really the result I wanted, the fact is that I never found a clean lap. Now we have only one way, to do a good warm up to find the right pace and play everything in the race.



Free practice and qualifying were plagued by a strong wind that unbalanced the riders and brought a lot of sand on the track, with balance problems, but Arbolino looks beyond: "Well, the wind was there and it was annoying, but I'm not looking for excuses, the conditions were the same and difficult for everyone". Between Friday and Saturday some changes were made to help the 2020 Moto3 runner up, but the ideal set up seems far away: "Yes, changes were made and we improved in many aspects, especially we moved weights and changed some geometries, but the problem is that we improve one aspect and maybe we worsen another and we don't find the ideal set up. We will try to have a good race".


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Doha Losail International Circuit